SagittariusWelcome to Sagittarius.

Just when the intensity of Scorpio was getting to be a bit much, the Sun moves into Sagittarius kicking off the holiday season. The Archer liberates you from Scorpio’s dark depths by beckoning you to ride on his horseback into the heavens. We see that glass is really half full. If you’ve done Scorpio’s work facing your demons you’re released and transformed; your spirit feels light and free.

Happy Thanksgiving.

As planets move from one sign to the next they activate astrology’s self-correcting mechanism: each new sign’s energy is the perfect antidote to the excesses of the one it succeeds. And so it is when Sun moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

Except this year it’s a little different.

Sagittarius’s ruler Jupiter is ensconced in dark Scorpio for thirteen months. And that period began this past October 10th, only a few short weeks ago. With Jupiter holding Sag’s reins the journey through Scorpio’s cauldron is not over.

Scorpio rules sex, death, and all things taboo. It exerts its control through power. And aggregates wealth. Meanwhile Jupiter represents justice, ethics, religion, the judiciary, high ranking officials among other things. The interplay between Jupiter and Scorpio are themes to be played out during the coming year.

Scorpio (and its ruler Pluto) kills and then teaches us that death brings life. Seeds germinate even after the most vicious a wild fire wipes the forest floor clean. Even in Northern California.

In recent weeks, when Jupiter entered Scorpio, a spate of allegations of sexual predation and harassment came out against the high and mighty in Hollywood, Capitol Hill and other places. Heads toppled. People were finally ready to listen to those whose lives and careers were ruined by those predations.

Uncomfortable questions emerge for all sides. For the accused and those with questionable pasts, an accounting is in order. Those on the sidelines who suspected or knew and then did nothing face guilt. The accused have difficulty remembering, but the victims can never forget.

With old traumas triggered, victims address the costs and benefits of speaking up when all consequences are severe and far-reaching. Nonetheless, in this fleeting five-minute attention span of the American public, those preyed upon have the opportunity to turn the tables.

What happens now?

In Alabama, a known serial predator of young girls runs for the US Senate and casts an ethical dilemma for voters who support his political views. Do they vote for the man who can make the difference on key votes in a divided Senate? Or do they stand up for their wives and daughters?

Stay tuned.