The astrological charts of the presidential frontrunners embody the spirit of the Uranus-Pluto square, the defining astrological theme of this decade.

About the Uranus-Pluto Square

As seen from Earth, Uranus and Pluto have been roughly 90 degrees from each other since the early part of the decade. This relationship is called a square and it is a very powerful aspect.

When either planet touches a chart it signals that life is about to change in a big way. Together the impact is magnified.

Pluto, making its way through Capricorn, represents the increasing aggregation of vast wealth and power in the hands of a few, is at loggerheads with  Uranus in Aries, representing the anger of those who have fallen behind and resent the increasing disparity of income inequality. As a planet, Uranus is associated with technological breakthrough as well as shocks, the unexpected, and rebellious, erratic behavior.

Pluto uncovers secrets and reveals rot that lays beneath many a carefully polished exterior. Its entrance into Capricorn in 2008 coincided with financial shocks that nearly brought down the entire world economy. It revealed the extent of  the financial industry’s corruption. Today, the belief that the “system” is broken and sells out the interests of its citizens for the benefit of a privileged few is widespread. Evidence includes such events as the poisoning of Flint Michigan’s water supply by its own government and the explosion of dark money into the campaign process following the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

Astrologers expect to find prevailing astrological themes represented in the charts of people dominating the headlines. Not surprisingly, frontrunners of both parties have elements in their birth charts that strongly resonate to Uranus/Pluto themes. While resonance with the zeitgeist is not the only criterion for choosing a likely presidential winner, it does provide an interesting perspective.

Uranus-Pluto and the US Presidential race: the Candidates

Donald Trump was born with a Sun/North Node/Uranus conjunction in Gemini in his tenth house of reputation and career.

Trump embodies the erratic and unpredictable nature of Uranus with comments designed to shock and awe. Trump’s campaign has been unorthodox, to say the least. The more outrageous his words, the more popular he seems to be.

Mercury ruled Gemini is associated with speech and making connection. Many supporters state they are drawn to him because he “doesn’t mince words, tells it like it is,” and he gives voice to politically incorrect thoughts they dare not say in polite company. The more over the top his words, the more he is loved by his supporters and loathed by those who disagree. It is his popularity and occasional “emperor has no clothes” comments that truly rankle his party’s establishment.

His supporters feel disenfranchised and threatened by demographic changes occurring in the US population. Many feel that diversity is taking place at their expense. Trump’s strong showing in Iowa and New Hampshire show that he is a leading contender for the Republican nomination.

Ted Cruz, with his Sun/Pluto square, Pluto conjunct the Asc from the 12th, and his three Scorpio planets (Mars, Venus, and Jupiter),  embodies the Pluto side of this configuration. But don’t discount Moon/Uranus conjunct in the first. Cruz is a combo of take no prisoners Pluto leavened with a strong seasoning of erratic Uranus. The result is a candidate with extreme rightwing views and many secrets who is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Cruz is unyielding and, in the eyes of his supporters, “pure.” While his brand of purity is too strong for most, it resonates with a large enough subset of the American electorate to propel him into first place in the Iowa caucuses.

Marco Rubio’s time is unknown. He flips the Uranus in Aries symbolism on its head with his natal Mars in Aquarius. Admittedly, an unknown birth time means angles and house positions can’t be taken into the equation. But his planetary positions do not seem to reverberate much to the Uranus/Pluto square.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton embodies the Pluto end of the Pluto/Uranus square with her Mars/Pluto/Saturn conjunction, Scorpio planets and possibly Scorpio ascendant. She exemplifies Pluto in establishment Capricorn energy as the Party’s establishment candidate.

She is disciplined, strong as nails, smart and competent. Many who speak about distrusting her are picking up on her tendency to be guarded, a result of scars formed by years of withering Republican attacks. Her strength lies with older voters who value her deep experience and pragmatism.

Bernie Sanders has a speculative birth time that gives him a Scorpio ascendant. Yet he is very direct in his speech and his manner as befitting the Moon/Mars conjunction in Aries, Uranus’s sign by transit. The slogan “feeling the Bern” is a fitting symbol of Aries fire.

While Bernie does have an out-of-sign Uranus/Saturn conjunction, what defines him is his Sun/North Node/Neptune conjunction (somewhat wide) in Virgo, the current location of transiting Jupiter. This is consistent with his identification with working folk and his ire at the widening income divides between the very top and the rest of us. He has demonstrated a phenomenal ability to inspire many who had been turned off by the political process.

Bernie is driven by a vision (Neptune) to bring us together as a nation. He wants to level economic inequality and rebuild a government that works for its people. His chart ties in less with Uranus/Pluto and more with current mutable aspect patterns.

On the Democratic side, Hillary embodies Pluto in Scorpio while Bernie is the anti-Pluto. Meanwhile, Bernie embodies Uranus in Aries energy in his call for a political revolution. On the Republican side, Plutonian Cruz dukes it out with erratic, unpredicatable Trump.

So the question in my mind is what wins out; Uranus or Pluto or neither. If Uranus prevails then expect a Trump/Sanders contest. However, the usual astrological rule of thumb is that the slower planet wins. In that case, Pluto beats Uranus and we can expect a Clinton/Cruz race. But this election season is nothing if not unpredictable and every astrologer worth his salt knows better than to predict the outcome of a Uranus transit.

So stay tuned.