Turning PointsPivot, shift are words that aptly describes the astrological energies of the week. These are turning points. Developments in the works since 2016 reach a climax and their implications become clearer over the next weeks.

First was Friday’s equinox, that point when the Sun is directly over the Equator and the hours of daylight and darkness are equal. This marks the beginning of the Autumn season. With the fall equinox marking the time when the hours of daylight and darkness are equal it is appropriate that the Sun makes its entrance into the sign of the scales, Libra. In the northern hemisphere, the hours of darkness will quickly overtake those of light, while the opposite occurs south of the Equator.

The beginning of every season is a turning point and the first thirty days, a time of action and initiation. The Equinoxes mark the beginning of fall and spring, while the solstices mark times of greatest light or darkness.

Libra seeks harmony through give and take and active cooperation. It realizes the wisdom of the adage two heads are better than one. The person who coined the phrase that you catch more flies with honey must have been a Libran.

Then, last night, the Moon completed its first quarter phase. The quarter phase, or opening square between the Sun and the Moon is the point when the seeds planted at last week’s new moon begin to come to light. This quarter moon features Luna’s transit through Capricorn, new initiatives, ideas, ventures must be able to stand the test of reality. Your partner in negotiations has his or her own interests and they may or may not harmonize with yours. Sen. Susan Collins had to weigh the best interest of the citizens of Maine as well as the fate of thirty million American’s access to healthcare versus her loyalty to her Party. Her decision sank the latest ACA repeal attempt.

But today, the two planets Jupiter and Uranus come to an opposition—they are exactly 180° apart in the sky. They have been dancing with each other since December 2016 and today they take their final bow. Developments that began in late 2016 come to a climax. Jupiter’s energy is associated with travel, the pursuit of knowledge, publishing, the law and governmental institutions while Uranus is cutting edge technology, the internet, breakthrough, upset, rebellion, innovation, and the unexpected. Pushing boundaries opens new possibilities and results in unexpected consequences. Such as the ruling granting women in Saudi Arabia permission to drive.

And then there is Pluto who has been dancing at 17° Capricorn for the past year or so. He pivots and slowly begins his move forward. Pluto’s powerful undercurrents become visible. Pluto is closely tied with the exercise of power, the aggregation of wealth, criminal enterprise, sex, death and ultimately, healing. So perhaps it is fitting that Hugh Hefner chooses this time to leave this Earth.