The very first New Moon of 2016 pulls in Pluto, planet of transformation and power. Pluto works by going down deep to purge that which has outlived its usefulness. Reinforced by Mercury retrograde, this lunar cycle provides the opportunity for introspection and deep inner work. If you choose to do this, you can experience much healing and transformation in the area of your chart where you find Capricorn.

In the past several years we’ve experienced a long-lasting aspect pattern involving Uranus and Pluto that has been highly disruptive to the status quo. One result is that we’ve all been learning lessons about the use and mis-use of power. This pattern and these lessons continue in January and beyond.

Tapping into your courage to speak truth to power is one lesson. Learning to pick your battles is another. Rolling with the punches and letting go when the fight is not worth it is a third.

Because Pluto is also associated with finance and credit, January is an excellent time to do a financial checkup and adopting a financial discipline if needed.

Using this month for deep introspection and putting your objectives on a firm footing will serve you well throughout the coming year.