Time of Taurus

Taurus rules the heavens

Like loam in a fertile garden, the Taurus Sun fertilizes, stabilizes and grounds all it touches. Spring’s rays are longer and the sweet smell of blossoms wafts through the air.

Just a couple days ago the Scorpio full moon lit up the heavens with mystery and majesty.

And speaking of majesty, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 90th birthday. In true Taurean fashion, the length of her reign has surpassed all of her predecessors including Queen Victoria

Taurus is a fixed, earth sign. Its symbol, the bull, aptly describes Taurus’s legendary endurance

The Jewish holiday of Passover, the celebration of the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt’s slavery, began this weekend. This holiday beckons you to look to the areas of your life where you yearn to break free

With Uranus intertwined with Venus, playing an integral part of a highly complex planetary pattern, all of us are yearning to break free in some area of our lives. Look to the location where Aries is found in your birth chart for clues.

Mars is retrograde

But last weekend, Mars, ruler of Aries, turned retrograde. Under Mars retrograde, it’s hard to sustain forward momentum. But that’s the point. You are not supposed to.

The warrior energy is in an inward, more introspective direction. Mars represents vitality and tells you what you truly desire. Men from the past and unresolved conflicts may pop up so they can be healed.

Astrologer, Tom Roma, cautions that under Mars retrograde, against throwing the first punch, because the aggressor will lose. So be aware of buttons that are pushed.

Look to the area in your chart where you find 23 Scorpio through 8 Sagittarius, the area covered by Mars’ journey. You have until the end of June to work with this energy.

With Mars, Saturn and Pluto retrograde, soon to be joined by our friend Mercury, the Universe is telling you to step back and take a break. You’ve been through a great deal this year. It’s time to digest and adjust where needed.

In other words, use this time to reflect, edit, and review. Coming out of a Scorpio full moon with and Pluto overhead at sunrise, look to see where you need to let go. Clutter and emotional baggage confuse and slow you down.

The Taurus Sun simplifies. The Scorpio Moon, pulls you inward and beckons you to accept the gift of your power. The two signs, Taurus and Scorpio, are also associated with money and wealth. Take the information you learned from compiling your recent tax return and see where wasteful spending can be cut.