Both Economists and Astrologers see 2020 downturn ahead

It’s eerie to see how events develop true to the symbolism of unfolding astrological transits. My antennae went up when I saw the passage of the massive Tax Cuts and Jobs Act go through exactly as Saturn stepped into Capricorn this past December. That such a bill could pass was an indication of the clout […]


New Moon in Leo: Stand Up for Yourself

The Sun makes a grand entrance into Leo on the 22nd, followed immediately by a new moon on the 23rd. When Leo rules the skies, it’s time to be seen and appreciated. Display your fashion flair and zest for life. People are attracted to your warm, generous nature. No matter your actual Sun sign, we […]


Aries, Your Gift is Courage

Aries, your gift is courage. Everyone was born with the sign somewhere in their birth chart, therefore everyone has a well of courage at their demand. To understand the sign’s energy, consider the focus and determination of a new green shoot that pushes through dark soil to reach the Sun, or the baby pushing through the birth canal […]