Summer SolsticeThe Sun has reached its most northerly point in its apparent path around the Earth. The hours of daylight have reached their maximum length. This is the Summer Solstice; the official beginning of summer and the entrance of the Sun into Cancer.

By the time you wake up and read this you’ll feel that the dry, sparkly energy of Gemini has given way to the sensitivity and inner focus of Cancer. We have moved from the realm of words to the realm of feeling. Intuition and hearts open.

The sign Cancer is associated with family and nourishment—we are particularly appreciative of the love and companionship of those we consider family whether biological or not—that includes our furry critters.

Mercury has just moved into Cancer also to tell you that it’s not what people say but what they do that counts. If in doubt, your body’s reactions will tell you all you need to know about their intentions.