Truth to PowerHold on to your hats, the month of November brings shifts, turnarounds, fresh starts and restarts.

The November 7th new moon sets the stage for a fresh start, but Uranus just returned to Aries for one last time. Standing up for yourself and speaking out has become necessary more than ever. Fortunately the Universe gives you the tools to do exactly that. When your eyes are wide open and you are true to your convictions, you are powerful beyond measure. Together with the new moon energy, it’s time to take control and get down to business and refuse to accept half-measures.

It begins with Venus who is now rising before the Sun. This rendition of Venus is called Morning Star Venus–she appears as a morning star just before sunrise–and she is in her warrior element. After a year of #MeToo, women demand to be heard and taken seriously.

Then Jupiter enters Sagittarius

Jupiter returns to his sign, Sagittarius, on the 8th and he has no qualms about speaking truth to power. Both Jupiter and Sagittarius are associated with the law, justice and principles. You will find the courage to say what must be said in the areas of your chart ruled by Jupiter and find Sagittarius.

In addition, in the coming twelve months, Jupiter ushers in a year of expanding your mind and horizons. Jupiter’s mission is to remind you that we make up the mosaic of a larger social order. That the seemingly random events of your life have purpose. Jupiter in its own sign is Jupiter on steroids. Look for opportunities involved with long-distance travel, publishing, study, teaching. This is particularly true when he touches a planet or sensitive point in your birth chart.

Fresh starts and Restarts: Retrograde  Do-Si-Do

But it’s one step forward two steps back mid-month when Venus resumes direct motion and Mercury begins its retrograde journey. New-found perspectives regarding your core values and their effect on partnership demands mental recalibration. Mercury retrograde is research and do-over time, from the 16th until the 6th of next month: for edits, negotiations, planning… giving you the space to experiment with new forms of thinking and playing with new visions for your future.

But your vision for the future will be front and center when the Sun shifts into Sagittarius on the 22nd and sets off a powerful full moon T-square. The key is finding the deeper meaning in life’s day-to-day rhythms. And envisioning a future truly in keeping with your core values. Because that is what makes life living.

“Power is not about exerting our will over others, it is about being in complete truth with yourself.” Madisyn Taylor