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One-to-one Consultations

One-to-one consultations

My clients look to get a deeper understanding of themselves and their life purpose. They want to use this perspective to help them make wise decisions to handle their current challenges and create a richer more satisfying life.



Your Consultation

My goal is to give you down-to-earth practical insight and information you can use right away. I work with where you are right now.

Consultations take place at my Northeast Philadelphia location or over the phone.

Your consultation is private and consultation and includes:
• One-on-one time with me
• Copy of your birth chart
• The option to receive a recording of your session.

 Contact me for further questions and to set up an appointment.

Some items that can be addressed include:
An overview of your birth chart
Analysis of a current issue
Recent planetary cycles and forecast for the coming year.

Sessions last 1-2 hours and cost $150.00. 

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