September Goldenrod“I have an affection for those transitional seasons, the way they take the edge off the intense cold of winter, or heat of summer.”
― Whitney OttoHow to Make an American Quilt

The atmosphere has changed and the smell of fall is in the air. Evening air is crisp and night comes earlier. Back to School signs are everywhere.  August is now a memory and it’s time to get down to business.

The Sun is traveling through Virgo, the sign that represents the pursuit of excellence. It is the gift of Virgo to see things with a critical eye. All the better to fix flaws and make tweaks. Virgo is the bean-counter. Coming as it does at the end of August and leaving its mark on September, Virgo’s time is harvest time. So, an accounting of your year-to-date is in order.

But Virgo is a healer and it seeks to serve. It’s the natural ruler of the Sixth house and the ruler of small animals such as the pets that bring so much joy to our lives. That makes this month an opportune time for wellness checkups for you and your pets.

The unusually warm relationship transiting Saturn has with transiting Uranus continues through the end of the month, extending your opportunity to implement carefully calibrated change. Higher ups are more open than usual to unconventional approaches.

Saturn which has been retrograde since mid-April turns direct on the 6th. Together with Mercury and Mars returning to direct motion, we feel begin to feel the wind beneath our wings.

But it’s the New Moon on the 9th that’s the trigger to get us moving. The New Moon pulls in Pluto’s power while Saturn, Mercury, and Uranus form a triangle in Earth. The ground beneath our feet is steady and the machinery of day-to-day life is in particularly good order. Nonetheless, when Venus makes a 180-degree aspect to Uranus on the 12th, an unexpected financial matter arises. Mars forms a 90-degree angle to Uranus on the 18th raising the potential of rash action. Be careful on the roadways.

The fall season officially begins on the 22nd at the autumn equinox and the Sun moves from Virgo to gracious Libra. We move from preoccupation with self to one-to-one alliances and partnerships. The Full Moon on the 24th highlights the difficult balance one strikes between the need for independence and autonomy and the compromises we make to make relationships work. But Mercury, close by the Sun and at an easy angle to Mars enables you to think logically and articulate your point of view.