SagittariusThe Sagittarian Archer aims his arrow up into the stars. Riding the arrow to lofty heights you look down and see individual puzzle pieces woven into a grand pattern of great beauty. Each one of us is an integral part of a greater whole. This is the gift of Sagittarius, the knowledge that we are here for a purpose; that life is more than a collection of random events; that you contribute to this fabric by living an authentic life.

Sagittarian inspiration and good will is all around as December opens with Sun, Jupiter and Mercury clustered in the sign.

But Mercury is still retrograde.

There’s housekeeping to be done before you can step into the future. Mercury asks you to look back at the year now passing to take an inventory of what worked and what did not. It’s not too late for mid-course corrections.

On the 1st, Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio. Your ultimate truth lies in your gut. To act with authenticity, you must act in accord with your core values. And then you must understand your old habit patterns and emotional reactions to life’s challenges and the role they play in your decision-making.

Venus reenters Scorpio on the 2nd to pick up on financial and partnership issues that came to light when it last visited in September and October.

December 7th  is Pearl Harbor Day in the US.

It features a beautiful Sagittarian new moon just as Mercury turns direct. The Universe wants you to set an intention to honor your truth. But Mars/Neptune in Pisces in right angle to the Sagittarian Sun/Moon combo want you to know that it’s not enough just to live your truth, you must also act on behalf of the greater good. Mars/Neptune stirs your creative juices by throwing open the doors to the imagination and juices up your intuition.

But sometimes Mars/Neptune throws a fog over the mind-scape. If the next step is unclear, step back, go inward, and wait a few days. Fogs lift.

By the 12th, Mercury, now direct, re-enters Sagittarius. If you’ve done your due diligence it’s now safe to sign major contracts. Your mind is more clear and focused.

Old Man Winter makes his formal entrance on the 21st, the longest night of the year. The Sun has crossed into Capricorn and life takes a more pragmatic turn. Venus flirts with Neptune to inspire romantics and artists alike, while the accompanying full moon on the 22nd is a reminder that serious endeavors require solid ground to thrive.