retrogrades and re-thinking


Do you feel as if the world has turned to sludge? That you are tired, unmotivated, listless? Eating properly and getting sufficient sleep helps. Sleep is particularly healing during times of high stress or low energy. And, if severe, perhaps a doctor visit. But most likely, you are just having a normal reaction to the onslaught of retrograde energy we’ve all been experiencing since the middle of last month.

Currently four planets, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are traveling retrograde. And up until earlier this week, Jupiter was also part of this group.

The potential for miscommunication and mechanical breakdown under Mercury retrograde is old news. But Mars, which retrogrades only once every two years, makes its disruption felt through lack of energy, misplaced male energy, and old angers and aggression coming into one’s life. It is now moving over the same area of the zodiac it last visited in September and October of 2014. Look to events from that time to color current themes playing out.

Saturn tests and delays forward movement while Pluto forces you to revisit old hurts and strengths again. Saturn is the cosmic reality check. In Sagittarius, it wants you to come to terms about your place in the larger society.

Like Saturn, Mars is also currently dancing backward in Sagittarius. Sagittarius plays out in areas such as higher education, the legal system, contact with foreigners and foreign places.  Mars hits the gas while Saturn keeps tapping on the brakes. Frustrating indeed! Look to the area in your chart where you find Sagittarius for more details.

It’s during retrogrades that the Universe wants you to turn inward, to take a timeout for reflection, reconsideration, redoing…

You’re strong. You’ve been navigating stormy celestial currents for quite a long time. It’s time to step back and take a breath. Review all you’ve taken in and what you’ve learned. With many planets traveling through mutable signs, the keywords are adjustment, digestion and integration.

During heavy retrograde periods such as this one, it’s typical to be unclear and to feel you’re making little headway. One step forward, two steps back.

Stay true to your core values and engage in emotional archeology. Look for correlations between past and present events. Sometimes, it’s obvious; a person from the past pops back into your life. Or an old conflict resurfaces. Retrograde periods are known for both. But now you pick up the pieces with knowledge and experience you didn’t have back then.

Let your right brain do some heavy lifting. Pay particular attention to your dreams, feelings and gut instincts. Much of the retrograde work takes place in the unconscious. Take a time-out or two.

By August your perspective will have shifted and clarity will return.