All Progress takes place outside the comfort zoneProgress takes place outside the comfort zone. And this week we are all outside our comfort zones.

We are experiencing a complex, volatile set of planetary patterns that produce intense, unstable energy. Just witness the headlines. Some doors open while others are shutting tight. President Obama set foot in Cuba and terrorists rocked Brussels.

If these patterns are touching planets or sensitive points in your birth chart, your life has shifted, too.

This week features an unusually long laundry list of intense aspects.
Pay particular attention if you have planets or sensitive points at or within 5 degrees of:
3 Libra/Aries
16 Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces

This past Sunday, the Sun crossed the equator. This phenomenon, the spring equinox, heralds the season of spring and the beginning of the Sun’s 30 day transit through Aries. Wednesday brought a lunar eclipse.

Eclipses act as triggers and this one, in Libra and fiery Aries, coincided with the Brussels bombings.

Also on Wednesday, transiting Jupiter in picky Virgo stood exactly 90 degrees from Saturn in the sign of truth and justice.  Both Jupiter and Saturn describe our governmental and legal structures. In square aspect, the energies are in conflict. Our leaders have been letting us down as evidenced by the release of findings of the Flint water crisis and congressional deadlock. It has now been revealed that failure of Belgian leadership contributed to the ability of ISIS to conduct its attacks successfully.

Transiting Neptune is tied into this configuration adding disillusionment to the mix.

Today, transiting Saturn prepares to go retrograde. Saturn represents authority. Taken in context with the other aspects occurring at the same time, the picture is one of failed leadership.

Sometimes projects are put on hold when Saturn turns retrograde. If so, know this is temporary until Saturn turns direct on August 13th.

How to make it through such times? What do you do when you can’t trust that leaders are leading or that they have your best interests at heart?

Be nimble, flexible, trust your own instincts, and don’t believe everything you hear. Check the facts. If you don’t get it right the first time, there will be opportunity to revise. When the external authority is inadequate, the remedy is to go inward, find your inner truth and be your own authority.