march 2019 skiesMarch 2019 skies are full of rain.

In 2019, Mercury, the planet of communication and mental function spends over two months in Pisces. It tiptoes to the very end of Pisces then retrogrades on the 5th until the 28th. Let the waves of this watery sign nourish and wash over you.

Mercury works best in air signs which support his analytical capacity and love for abstraction. But the realm of watery Pisces encompasses intuition, imagination and one’s spiritual connection. When Mercury retrogrades through Pisces it’s time to feel your words and reconnect with your inner poet.

In 2019, the skies feature an overabundance of the practical material earth element. But Pisces planets provide an escape hatch. And feed the soul.

Uranus reenters Taurus on March 6th, this time to settle in until 2026. Taurus is associated with values, security, finance, banking and Mother Earth. Uranus is often called the “Great Awakener.” Over the next seven years, developments and new technologies will redefine society’s relationship with the environment, banking and finance, and the economy. You will be motivated to redefine what is truly important in your personal life. How will this play out? Look to the developments of the summer of 2018 for clues…

Within hours of Uranus’s entry into Taurus, a new moon occurs at 16° Pisces. Being closely tied to Mercury who just turned retrograde, this new moon brings a shift in consciousness. But that is not apparent until much later.  Instead, make space for quiet time and meditation.  This awakening starts from within.

Then, an abrupt change in the March 2019 skies: The 20th brings an adrenaline rush as the Sun enters Aries accompanied by a full moon just four hours later. It’s the spring equinox and a new season is upon us. Pisces New Moon’s introspection flowers into Aries passion and we want it all now. But hold your horses before taking precipitous action; Mercury is still retrograde.

Instead transiting Pluto conjoining the South node digs up unresolved ghosts from the past. You’re older and wiser now. Take the initiative and face your actions squarely. Then funnel your new-found energy into letting go of that which no longer serves you.