sun flowerThe Sun makes a grand entrance into Leo on the 22nd, followed immediately by a new moon on the 23rd. When Leo rules the skies, it’s time to be seen and appreciated. Display your fashion flair and zest for life. People are attracted to your warm, generous nature. No matter your actual Sun sign, we are all honorary Leos now.

Every new moon is a monthly fresh start. This one engages you to indulge your creativity and your inner child (not to mention actual children, human or furry). This is the time to engage in activities and be with those who excite you, with whom you feel passion. Listen to your heart and go where it leads.

Spirits are high and inspiration abounds with fiery six planets lighting up the heavens. Not to mention that this new moon pulls in the energy and enthusiasm of Mars, which acts as a fire starter to the fuel while Uranus adds an element of surprise. Venus about to oppose Saturn says be true to your values. The Universe is telling you to go for it and toot your horn. This is particularly important if you tend to be a bit reticent. The Universe is telling you that you have worth and something worth sharing. This is not the time to hide your light under a bushel.

Mars represents courage and your warrior energy. Pick your battles carefully, but once you do, stand up to defend your truth and those deserving of your support. Mars in sign of Leo, associated with the heart, says if you’re going to put yourself out there, do it with passion.

Of course, like anything, the exuberance of Leo and Mars can be taken to excess. Ungrounded types go overboard and exhibit arrogance and bluster while others exhibit an undue sense of entitlement. But most likely, the inspiration of fire is just the kick you need to get you going.