The June 2019 SkiesUnder the June 2019 skies, anything seems possible if you want it strongly enough, if you believe…

The new moon on the 4th features a T-square with Neptune, Jupiter, and Mercury. Inspiration runs deep. Even the bosses play nice if you use a bit of flattery. Just keep in mind, in their eyes, the only real priority is covering their derrieres. If you’re in sales, sizzle sells. And one way or another we’re all trying to sell something.

Decide what you want and set your intention. With a little hard work, magic is possible.

By the 9th and 10th you feel pulled in a thousand directions with each looking more compelling than the next. Idealism runs high. Sun opposing Jupiter carries the risk of taking on more than you can handle and Sun square Neptune the risk of missing reality to pursue the next shiny distraction. But this can be an inspiring time if you are organized and contain your frustration at balky bosses.

While all of this is going on Saturn and Pluto continue to play do-si-do in Capricorn. These planets of authority are throwing their weight in the sign of authority. This theme of power grabs and heavy-handedness continue to shape headlines and personal lives through 2020.

Handling the energy of the June 2019 Skies

The real trick to handling the energy of the June 2019 Skies is to find a way to carve out your turf while remaining under the radar. That becomes trickier around the full moon of the 17th through the summer solstice on the 21st when planet of action Mars and planet of communication, Mercury butt heads against the Saturn/Pluto duo. If your chart is triggered, high emotion colors your ability to think clearly. Passions run high and trigger fingers itchy. Give your neighbors, family members, and co-workers lots of leeway and beware of hotheads on the highways. Authority may overreach but remember that words spoken in anger can’t be unsaid. Best to keep your head down, be strategic and vent your frustration to a punching bag.

If you’re the one in charge, keeping unruly subordinates in line will be challenging as they will push your buttons. Be the grownup in the room and don’t overplay your hand.

The good news? Stressful celestial currents weaken, and tensions relax by the time the month comes to an end.