lush summer foliage

July, Cancer, and a Fourth of July new moon paint the picture of summer in the northern hemisphere. Mother Nature’s annual display of lush greenery and vegetation is everywhere. The fruitful, fertile nature of the season is exemplified by Cancer’s nurturing energy. Today’s Fourth of July new moon at 13 Cancer kicks off not only Independence Day but a new lunar cycle and an initiation into Cancer’s energy. Today is a great day to set your intention for the upcoming month.

Cancer’s focus is on the home, your roots, and what nurtures you. We all need a place to call home where you can let down your hair and feel safe. The first three weeks of the month is a time when you particularly appreciate your home environment and those in your life you consider family. If there is discordance then this is a good time to address those issues.

The new moon stands down Pluto, planet of power and transformation. Challenges to your power teach you how strong you really are.

Look for themes from December 2014 to pop up as this new moon activates degrees active then.

Since Pluto is also associated with finance, if you’re faced with a negotiation about financial issues or creditors, standing your ground, paying attention to details, tapping into your network of experts such as your accountant or lawyer will help you negotiate a satisfactory outcome.

The month opened with the Sun, flanked by Mercury and Venus in the sign. With Neptune still in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio the element balance is tilted towards water. Water represents your emotional and feeling function. Sensitivity to your environment runs high and the still voice of your intuition speaks a little louder. Listen to your body and use your feelings as a guide.

Mid-month presents an opportunity to implement technology updates, work on internet-related projects and to be open to unconventional ideas and unexpected news as Uranus takes center stage from the 11th through the full moon on the 19th.

The heavy water emphasis has changed to fire by the end of the month as Sun, Mercury, Venus has shifted into Leo. It’s time to strut your stuff, take out your paint-brushes and have fun.