Happy Sagittarius and greetings to all of you, Sagittarius or not. The Universe has a message. The glass is half full.

The Sun stepped into Sagittarius at 4:02 am this morning. Moving from the depths of Scorpio to the heights of Sagittarius is analogous to rebirth. The Sun is shining and the world is somehow cleaner and brighter.

Happy SagittariusAstrologers look to Jupiter to find hope. There is always hope, because Jupiter is in every chart. This is true no matter how bleak the circumstances. The good news: Jupiter has recently moved into his own sign, Sagittarius, to further make the point. If you need hope or help, look to the area of your chart where Sag lives and look to the resources of that sector.

And then when you look up into the frozen skies tonight, there she’ll be. A big beautiful full moon highlighting that first degree of Sagittarius and Gemini. Yet another exclamation point from the Universe. Many of my astrology teachers repeated the advice that a significant astrological indication will be reinforced several times in the given chart.

So how appropriate it is that all of this is happening today, the day the US celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday.

So, in the spirit of the holiday—and the stars—step back and give thanks to all that is good and working well in your life. Something is going right. Even if you are facing great difficulties. After all, you woke up this morning. And mid-term election madness is over.

This got me thinking back to an account I read some years ago of a Cambodian woman describing life under the Khmer Rouge. They had taken control of Cambodia in the 70’s and turned murderous. Before the rampage was over their victims numbered in the millions. Their tools were fear, starvation, and killing.

The woman described her daily struggle to survive. But one day she woke up to a big, gorgeous sunrise. It brought her hope and reminded her that there was still beauty in the world.

And there’s more to today’s configuration. Mars transiting through Pisces wants you to take a few moments to pull inward and pay attention to your inner voice. Mars forms a ’T’ to tonight’s full moon. Connecting to your inner rhythms and your intuition is how it hangs together.

It’s also how you stay sane.

Because Sagittarius, Gemini, and Pisces have a flip side. Classical astrologers call them double-bodied signs. That is, they each have two sides.

For Sag, there is the archer aiming upward with his bow and arrow: our best and highest impulses towards reason, justice, truth, and tolerance. And then there is the animal side represented by his horse. On the negative side, Sag is well known for its loud mouth and intolerance. And slickness for words. The stereotypical used car salesman must have been a Sagittarius although he probably had a touch or two of Gemini.

Gemini’s symbol is the twins. And the symbol for Pisces is two fishes swimming in opposite directions. All are mutable signs. That is they move, adjust to changing conditions and changing minds. And when stressed they generate a lot of scattered, nervous energy. Then there is Jupiter in his home sign. When he gets going he will overdo, overeat and overspend.

Mars in Pisces in the full moon mix can inspire you. Or you later discover there’s more to the story than what the glib salesman is telling you.

It’s no wonder so many people are so frazzled by the time the Sun moves on to Capricorn. They just want to catch a breath.

So, hold on to your hats, and your purse. Take a deep breath, think about what is going right. And what truly inspires you.

Happy Sagittarius and Happy Thanksgiving.