What is a Gemini Gordian knot?

I remember how important it was to regularly brush my dark, thick hair when I wore it long several years ago. Let it go wild and it easily tangled. From time to time, I’d have to tease out a knot. That took patience because I’d have to loosen each section carefully lest it pull another section even more tightly. But working gently and methodically I’d prod the stubborn mass apart and end the process with a thorough brushing.

The new moon sky of June 2016 reveals a complex pattern that looks and feels like one of those stubborn knots; a Gemini gordian knot.

Nearly every planet is part of this complex pattern in the early June skies. Our values are being tested. Saturn in Sagittarius wants you to get real about the big picture and conduct yourself with the highest integrity. Meanwhile Jupiter in Virgo reminds you that service has value and the most humble among us deserve respect. And Neptune in its home sign of Pisces reminds you that the the Universe is much bigger than any of us and ultimately dissolves the boundaries that separate.

On the downside, Saturn in Sagittarius can indicate overly self-important bureaucrats ruling over their fiefdoms, while Jupiter in Virgo magnifies the smallest details and Neptune in Pisces casts a veil of illusion and deceit.

Draw lines to link these planets with each other and you create something that looks like the letter “T.” This t-square has been a major part of the heavens since last fall. So navigating the daily events and people who test your ideas and ideals is becoming part of the routine, so to speak.

So what is your place in the greater scheme of things? How do you find your inner truth when the environment is in flux and the world seems to have gone crazy?

This T-square takes place in the mutable signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The mutables fly high in the sky when the Sun is transitioning from one season to the next. In this way, they help us bridge endings and new beginnings and make adjustments to changing conditions. Being open and flexible in a world gone crazy enables you to roll with the punches and see the humor in absurdity. Listening to your heart and honoring your truth gives you an anchor.

Yesterday’s new moon/Venus conjunction at 15 Gemini closes the square and reveals that the answer lies in information gathering, communication and strengthening your interpersonal connections with an open heart. That Venus met the Sun and Moon and continues to travel with the Sun a few more days adds a note of grace.

Yet, there is great opportunity here. Every time two or more planets meet up with each other they begin a new cycle. Both the new moon and Sun’s meeting with Venus mark new beginnings. Mark this special time by setting your intention and planting your seeds for the future.