August 2018 Forecast: Leo Sun, Summer Fun

As August dawns, the Leo Sun is in his element. Leo is associated with royalty. And the Sun, King of the solar system looks on as his court of planets endlessly revolves around him. It’s the Sun’s gravity that pulls the solar system together and his heat and light that make life possible. During the […]


New Moon in Leo: Stand Up for Yourself

The Sun makes a grand entrance into Leo on the 22nd, followed immediately by a new moon on the 23rd. When Leo rules the skies, it’s time to be seen and appreciated. Display your fashion flair and zest for life. People are attracted to your warm, generous nature. No matter your actual Sun sign, we […]


August 2016: An Astrological Overview

When August 2016 arrives, the Sun is traveling through it’s home sign, Leo. The Sun shows its power through long, lazy days of summer heat. It’s traditional vacation time in North America. Leo honors creativity and self-expression by enabling you to connect with play and your inner-child. The new moon on the 2nd, coupled with Mars’s entrance […]