Winter Solstice

The Sagittarian Archer

The Sagittarian Archer aims his arrow up into the stars. Riding the arrow to lofty heights you look down and see individual puzzle pieces woven into a grand pattern of great beauty. Each one of us is an integral part of a greater whole. This is the gift of Sagittarius, the knowledge that we are […]


Both Economists and Astrologers see 2020 downturn ahead

It’s eerie to see how events develop true to the symbolism of unfolding astrological transits. My antennae went up when I saw the passage of the massive Tax Cuts and Jobs Act go through exactly as Saturn stepped into Capricorn this past December. That such a bill could pass was an indication of the clout […]


Cool Winter Solstice Trivia

You probably know the winter solstice marks the time the Sun reaches its most southerly point in its apparent path around the Sun marking the beginning of astronomical (and astrological) winter. And if, on that day, you were standing at the Tropic of Capricorn, 23.5° south of the equator, and looked up at noon, the […]