The March 2019 Skies

March 2019 skies are full of rain. In 2019, Mercury, the planet of communication and mental function spends over two months in Pisces. It tiptoes to the very end of Pisces then retrogrades on the 5th until the 28th. Let the waves of this watery sign nourish and wash over you. Mercury works best in […]


Fresh Starts and Restarts – Welcome to November

Hold on to your hats, the month of November brings shifts, turnarounds, fresh starts and restarts. The November 7th new moon sets the stage for a fresh start, but Uranus just returned to Aries for one last time. Standing up for yourself and speaking out has become necessary more than ever. Fortunately the Universe gives you […]


Retrogrades of Spring 2016

Retrogrades. Do you feel as if the world has turned to sludge? That you are tired, unmotivated, listless? Eating properly and getting sufficient sleep helps. Sleep is particularly healing during times of high stress or low energy. And, if severe, perhaps a doctor visit. But most likely, you are just having a normal reaction to the onslaught of […]