2019 has been quite a challenging year, but during August the Universe smiles and gives you a breather.

The July 31st new moon jumpstarts the month as Mars and Venus join the Sun’s royal entourage. It’s time for play, passion, and self-expression. You’ve been working hard. With Uranus forming a square it’s time to break out of your rut. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy it is said, and the Universe wants you to embrace joy. That is how you recharge creative juices and maintain balance.  Learn from the spontaneity of children and reconnect with the child within you.

Circle the second week of August 2019 on your calendar to reserve time to enjoy life or further your ambition. The evidence of the Universe’s abundance is more apparent than ever when the Sun and Venus trine Jupiter on the 8th and 9th and Jupiter turns direct on the 11th.

Venus stays close to the Sun all month imparting its charm and grace. The two meet on the 14th, just hours before a full moon.  With heady vibes of optimism and generosity permeating the air this is an excellent time to get out and socialize, promote yourself, go on a job interview or ask permission. People are a little nicer now and the world a more tolerant, kinder place.

By the last week of August energy has shifted. Fall is in the air, evenings crisp as night comes earlier. On the 23rd, the Sun enters Virgo closely accompanied by its entourage: Mars, Venus and Mercury. We come back down to earth as attention moves to the nitty gritty details of living. Students prepare to go back to school and workers back to work.

As each member of the planetary parade makes its way through early Virgo it high fives to Uranus, making a trine. Take advantage of Back to School sales this last week of August, an excellent time to buy new electronic gadgets and incorporate new technologies into your routine. Support you need will be available and you’re able to stay focused on details.