Leo Sun

jill111 / Pixabay

As August dawns, the Leo Sun is in his element. Leo is associated with royalty. And the Sun, King of the solar system looks on as his court of planets endlessly revolves around him. It’s the Sun’s gravity that pulls the solar system together and his heat and light that make life possible.

During the Sun’s annual journey through Leo the Universe beckons you to kickback, reconnect with your playful, self-expressive inner child and celebrate life. It’s one reason this is such a popular time of year for vacations. And with Mercury and Mars still retrograde, work is the last thing you want to think about. During retrograde periods a lot is taking place below the surface. You are reevaluating how you think and take action. This month: catch up with old friends, old partners and revive old connections.

Be aware: some people have difficulty handling the hot Mars Retro energy—just look at the headlines. Give them—and yourself—extra slack. And cool it on the roadways.

Your monthly fresh start takes place on the 11th when the Leo New Moon pulls in Mercury and Jupiter to give you the confidence to speak up and demand recognition you earned. Creative types get a jolt of juice and all of us get a big shot of mojo. And if you have planets or sensitive points at or near 19° Leo this new moon opens doors. That’s because it is an eclipse, more potent than your usual new moon.

As the month advances playtime and creative self-expression slowly give way to the return of forward momentum.

Mercury resumes direct motion on the 19th followed by Mars on the 27th and it’s safe to sign contracts again.  Your perspective has changed now that you’ve re-calibrated some internal settings—the Full Moon of the 26th shines a light on the new inner landscape. In the meantime, new information has come to light. Projects that ran out of gas when Mars began its retro journey back in June begin to come back to life. But now you see with with fresh eyes. Revamp as needed.

Meanwhile, in the background, the restrictive, tradition-bound energy of Saturn and rebellious, bleeding-edge Uranus have been working unusually well together helping you to incorporate new approaches with the tried and true. The last week of the month begins a window of opportunity to pitch your fresh answers to the higher ups.