Astrological Awareness and Frequent Flier MilesOne of the coolest ways to learn astrology is to be aware of current planetary patterns in the sky and then use their energies to your advantage. Call it living in tune with the Universe.

I use my astrological awareness all the time. Here’s a small example.

I had been considering attending a conference in 2016 and was curious enough to check the airline website to see if I could travel by using frequent flyer miles. Last week there were lots of available seats, but I had not been ready to commit.

Thinking I still had time, I put off making a decision. I checked seat availability over the weekend and was dismayed each time to find the frequent flyer seats were gone.

I checked seat availability several times over the weekend and was dismayed to find no change. Online research suggested that airlines sometimes release additional seats later on, but there was no guarantee. I’d have to shell out cash for an additional expense or forgo the conference.

Then I checked my Ephemeris. I saw on Monday morning, the planet Jupiter was to make an exact 90 degree aspect to the Sun. This aspect, astrologers call it a square, energizes both planets. Plus the Sun is currently traveling through Jupiter’s sign, Sagittarius heightening Jupiter’s influence even more.

Jupiter is where you find optimism and hope. And it is associated with, among other things, long distance travel. I was in luck. This transit is just what the doctor ordered.

Maybe I had a shot after all. Monday morning came. I pulled up the website.

Sure enough, lots of seats were available at the time and dates I wanted to travel. This time I jumped on the opportunity and booked.

A little astrological awareness goes a long way.