Economic downturn

geralt / Pixabay

It’s eerie to see how events develop true to the symbolism of unfolding astrological transits. My antennae went up when I saw the passage of the massive Tax Cuts and Jobs Act go through exactly as Saturn stepped into Capricorn this past December. That such a bill could pass was an indication of the clout of the rich and powerful. That it happened at the very moment that the Tropic of Capricorn was overhead was truly symbolic. The bill facilitates an enormous transfer of wealth to this group at the risk of upending the massive US economy.

A light went off–the passage of this bill is the trigger of the upcoming economic downturn promised by the approaching 2020 conjunctions, a subject of much discussion in the astrological community.

Numerous astrologers forecast severe economic contraction within the next couple years. Saturn transiting through Capricorn alone is an indicator of economic contraction. Although not every recession experienced by the US occurred when Saturn transited through Capricorn, every time Saturn travelled through Capricorn there was a recession. Likewise the transit of Uranus through Taurus, also occurring now, marks economic contraction. The last coincided with the Great Depression (1934 through 1942) and the previous one (1850 through 1859) coincided with the panic of 1857.1

While these comprise the backdrop, the real action are the three major conjunctions of 2020, Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn/Jupiter. Saturn/Pluto is the one that keeps astrologers up at night. Saturn contracts while Pluto runs to extremes. Pluto is also associated with wealth and power (think plutocracy) and Saturn is associated with the government, finance, Big Business…

But it’s not just we astrologers… economists using their own analytical tools are also sounding the 2020 alarm. So when I saw this Fortune magazine article, my hair stood on end.

Read the article. Then keep your eyes on July 12th. That’s when a solar eclipse will oppose Pluto from the same place as Venus, the planet of values and money, is doing today. Look then for a critical piece of news or financial development that will reveal more of what’s to come…