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One-to-one Consultations

 One-to-one consultationsAre you trying to make sense of a quickly changing workplace environment and wondering how to position yourself to land on your feet?  Or are you are trying to decide whether to enter into or leave a relationship, make a move, accept a job offer or figure out the best way to handle a sticky family situation? Want to know if the timing is right to accept a new business opportunity? or to retire?

These are a few of the scenarios my clients have presented. They are struggling to get a clearer picture so they can take effective action.

Beyond these scenarios, my clients look to get a deeper understanding of themselves and their life purpose. They want to understand their place in the world and use this perspective to help them make wise decisions to handle their current challenges and create a richer, more satisfying life.

Your Consultation

My goal is to give you down-to-earth, practical insight and information you can use right away. I work with where you are right now.

Consultations take place at my Northeast Philadelphia location or over the phone.

Your consultation is private and consultation and includes:
• One-on-one time with me
• Copy of your birth chart
• The option to receive a recording of your session.

You choose where you want to direct the session; what you want to focus on based on your needs, choices and situations arising in your life. Contact me for further questions and to set up an appointment.

Some items that can be addressed include:
An overview of your birth chart
Analysis of a current issue
Recent planetary cycles and forecast for the coming year.

Sessions last 1-2 hours and cost $150.00. 

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