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Thanks for Stopping by the Cat Lounge

Ellen Zucker, Resident Astrologer at the Cat Lounge, BlogPaws 2017

It was wonderful to meet you and be your astrologer at BlogPaws 2017. I hope you enjoyed the conference — and the Cat Lounge — as much as I did.

Nothing makes me happier than talking about astrology (cats are a close second). Astrology is so much richer and deeper than the Sun Sign horoscope columns you see in newspapers and magazines. It’s been used by the royal courts of Europe to choose coronation dates and by Nancy Reagan to guide her husband. It’s no accident that President Reagan was dubbed the “Teflon president.”

It’s an amazing tool that has guided me through difficult decisions, deepened self-understanding and my connection to the Universe — it can do that for you, too, and I’d like to share that.

As I demonstrated at the Cat Lounge, astrology works for cats (and dogs) as well as humans — its insights can help you deepen your bond to your pet. If a taste of astrology in a show setting whets your appetite, imagine how much more insight you’d receive in a full consultation with no outside distraction.

As my thanks for stopping by the Cat Lounge, I’m offering a BlogPaws 2017 Show Special. Book a one-to-one consultation with me before June 30th and take $50 off. That’s a one-third discount from my normal $150 fee.

My consultations last approximately 90 minutes and are conducted by phone (or at my Northeast Philadelphia location if you are local). They can be recorded as a downloadable mp3 file at no additional charge and include the following:

• One-to-one time focused on you (and your pet, if you wish).
• Copy of your birth chart
• The option of recording your session

Your session can focus on you, your needs, choices and challenges arising in your life, your favorite feline… you call the shots. My goal is to give you down-to-earth, practical insight and information you can use right away. I work with where you are right now.

With your $50 BlogPaws discount, you pay only $100. Due to my own commitments I can’t afford to keep this offer on the table for very long — this offer ends midnight Eastern Time on June 30th. 

To reserve your spot, complete the webform. Questions? Give me a holler. I will contact you within 24 hours by email to set up our appointment. Availability is limited — appointments take place on evenings and weekends.

Reserve now.


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